Lets Live Sustainably

How can you actually live sustainably? We have heard phrases such as “it’s up to us” or “it’s up to us” often enough in relation to the major environmental problems of our time. But how can each of us, from a practical point of view, organize our everyday life in an environmentally friendly way in order to really do something for our planet?


Depending on the model, washing machines and dishwashers use huge amounts of energy and water. If you want to do the washing of dishes and laundry with household appliances in an environmentally friendly way, then they should really be full before switching on so that the water and energy consumption pays off for the environment and your wallet.


The electricity you use in your home may come from environmentally damaging coal or nuclear power. To counteract climate change, it is worth switching to green electricity, which is generated, for example, from renewable energies such as wind, sun or water.


Soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate) is the secret weapon that enables you to live as plastic-free as possible. In the household, for example, baking soda can be used as an oven cleaner, as a bath additive or as a pipe cleaner. Since you get the remedy in paper, you don’t make any unnecessary plastic waste and replace a lot of household items from the drugstore.


I have been making my hand washing-up liquid from ivy leaves myself for a number of years. They grow on every corner and in every season and contain saponins, which ensure the foam in a short time.


Do you consider yourself unskilled? Even then, it is no problem to try your hand at simple DIY bedside tables made from old oak planks, In this way you can upcycle material that may have been stacked in the corner for several years and avoid unnecessary waste by packaging new furnishings.


Nowhere is there so much plastic waste as with regular shopping. There is a lot of superfluous plastic packaging such as plastic bags that can be sustainably replaced by an eternally reusable and washable jute bag. You can also just go shopping with a backpack, and playing music while shopping can make your shopping better and using Clip Converter can help you get the songs you want.


A nice example of this tip for a sustainable everyday life are milk & yoghurt from the glass. In (almost) every supermarket you can get both in returnable glasses, which you simply bring back after use. In this way, you can avoid a lot of garbage in the spirit of the zero waste lifestyle.

Blogs Add Great Value to the Business

Are you wondering why you should place an emphasis on blog marketing in your marketing mix? Are you unsure what added value a blog entry can offer you? This article will explain to you in a simple way why you need a blog entry for your business.

Understanding the Great Value of Blogs in the Business

Classic advertising is a thing of the past
Buying behavior and thus the demands on advertising and thus marketing have been in constant change for years. Where it was once the barkers who wanted to motivate customers to buy from their booth and later companies who placed newspaper and radio advertisements, the demands on advertising have changed a lot.

The internet also created a whole new way of advertising and your customers or guests no longer want to be bombarded head-on with flyers and physical advertising materials! Instead, more subtle advertising is much better viewed online and increases the recipient’s potential willingness to buy. One of the biggest differences from blog marketing is the fact that information and recommendations are not written by your business itself, but by a credible third party: the bloggers.

Trust and Credibility
Bloggers and their blogs enjoy great trust from their respective target audience. They establish themselves as experts in a certain area and their entries are therefore considered to be very trustworthy. In contrast to Google reviews. In addition, high-quality images and the detailed and individual writing style increase trustworthiness.

Increase Visibility
In addition to the trust-building effects, blog articles also offer added value for your search engine optimization. Building backlinks on the internet increases the relevance and visibility of your company for search engines.

A blog article usually has a lifespan of around 2 years. As long as blog entries stay on a blog, sometimes they are added to keep them up-to-date! This means that the entry or the recommendation for your company can be found permanently for the reader when the search for it. Also serves blog marketing as a reference book or reference for your business. Many customers find out in great detail about the company before visiting or buying a product and therefore like to read recommendations and experience reports.

Video sharing concrete tips on how I turned my blog and youtube channel into a thriving business!


Increase Business Awareness
No customer or guest wants to hear from a company how great it is! That’s why blogs offer you a creative opportunity to increase your awareness . Because you can reach your target groups without wastage and benefit from the bloggers’ authenticity. Furthermore, bloggers put all their heart and soul and many hours of work into the collaboration and you get creative, detailed and honest content that has no limits, as the bloggers can freely design and create individual blog posts!

Customer Acquisition and Retention
With the aim of gaining and retaining new customers for your business, blog marketing is part of strategic marketing. Compared to influencer marketing, blog marketing offers you the advantage of the sustainable dissemination of relevant content. In addition, influencer marketing is usually much more expensive than blog marketing and offers a high reach with a relatively short duration of effect at the time of publication.

On the other hand, blog marketing offers you the advantage that you can specifically reach the target group that is relevant for your business, because these readers actually want to become potential customers! In the case of influencer marketing, there is also the risk that followers will follow the influencers for all sorts of reasons and that there is little interest in buying your products or your offers.

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