Restoring And Saving Your Carpet From Flood Damage

Following a flood, a lot of property owners as well as homeowners may be wondering if their carpets can still be rescued. Because floor carpeting is a pricey investment, saving it is a more economical option rather than having it replaced. However, successfully cleaning a flooded carpet would rely on a lot of factors.

The quality, age, and how the carpet was installed are major factors to consider when trying to save a flooded carpet. But identifying the kind of floodwater that has damaged the carpet is imperative to determine if cleaning is possible for the carpet that is damaged by flood water.

Three Major Kinds of Floodwater

In terms of water damage, situations vary. Hence, you won’t know for sure when and if your carpet can be saved until carpet professionals are able to thoroughly inspect the carpet themselves. Below are the major kinds of floodwater for you to have an idea if your carpet can still be salvaged.

  • CLEAN WATER: Clean water is from rainwater or a damaged pipeline that isn’t mixed with any pollutants or impurities. If your carpet is damaged by clean water, salvaging the carpet is possible if it has been soaked for wet for not more than 1-2 days. If not, the clean water could turn into Greywater. Experts would be able to salvage and restore the carpet as well as the padding with the right remediation and sanitation processes.
  • GREYWATER: Greywater is contaminated with impurities which can bring about sickness when ingested or even when it comes in contact with the skin or body. Greywater includes overflows from dishwashers, laundry machines, toilet overflows without solid material, broken materials, and others. If your carpet is flooded with this type of water, the carpet can be saved but the padding requires replacement. If left untreated within 1-2 days, this will lead to turning into Blackwater.
  • BLACKWATER: Blackwater is extremely filthy and dangerous as it is tainted with pathogens or toxic agents and matters. This includes backflows from toilets, sewage, flooding from seawater, streams, rivers, and even water from storms, hurricanes, or other events related to weather. If your carpet is flooded and saturated with blackwater, cleaning and salvaging it is almost impossible.

If your carpet is flooded with either of these types of water, it is important that you contact a reliable professional carpet cleaner immediately to avoid further damage and cost.