Teen Writing Linkup: Stuck in Wal-Mart

Welcome back to the Middle School/High School Weekly Writing linkup! Last week’s topic was a bucket list for 2014 and we had a half dozen or so students link up with us. It was fun to read the posts and have our kids interact and learn from each other.

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Last week our topic was 2014 Bucket Lists.

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This week’s topic: What would you do if you were locked inside Wal-Mart overnight?



If I were stuck in a Wal-Mart overnight, I would have a fun night all by myself.

First, I drag a few of those video game chairs into the greenhouse section of the Lawn and Garden area. Then I find soft, zebra-striped plushy blankets to cover the chairs. I then arrange some tall bushes around my game chairs and drape the blankets on some plants to create a fort.

I wander over to the kitchen supplies to take a blender and toaster oven back to my fort. With strawberry ice cream and some milk, I make delicious milkshakes! I warm up frozen pizza to eat. I eat at a patio table covered with a floral tablecloth and a stone firepit nearby.

When I finish drinking two or three of those milkshakes, I play with the Legos – making sure to mix sets while building my universe all up and down the aisles. I wear a pink sparkly princess costume with an Ironman mask (just because I can.)

After smelling every candle, I pick five to take back to my fort to light. The kind I like are vanilla and cake-scented. I lounge and smell the wonderful, sugary scent in my fort. After not being able to sleep, I find a paperback book that does not have a scantily clad woman on the cover and settle into a game chair, but I fall asleep before finishing it.

When I wake up, I am home in my own bed.

Was it all just a dream?


Stay tuned…our next writing topics:

“What if I could see through walls?” on 1/20 and “What if I became President of the United States?” on 1/27.


  1. says

    Liz, I love it! I think I want to visit your fort! Strawberry milkshakes sounds fabulous! Gage absolutely loves Zebra stripes… he may want to go too, especially with the Lego universe you are building! Great job on your writing!

  2. says

    Stuck at Walmart…it’s like my worst nightmare! (Our local WM is *not* great!) ;) Seriously, though, love your ideas for what you would do – especially the mixing of Lego sets. Awesome!

    • Elizabeth Lambert says

      We have a pretty nice wal-mart. I would actually love to be locked in! I might try to do everything that I said above!

  3. says

    LOL, very creative, I love it! Especially with the dress and iron man mask :-) Glad that you linked up, your blog is great!

    • Elizabeth Lambert says

      It does not matter that I am 13, I still sometimes dress up in play dresses! I really had fun writing this! Your post was great too!

  4. says

    Hey Liz, great post! You really know all the ways to add creativity in your writing. I find it really funny I am not the only person who likes smelling all the candles on the aisle. :P Keep posting!

    • Elizabeth Lambert says

      Thanks! I used to smell all the candles but now I don’t really. Your post was awesome too!

  5. says

    Love your post! I think building a lego universe would be really fun, especially if I could mix and match all the sets they are sure to have in the Lego section… :)

    • Elizabeth Lambert says

      We collect Lord of the Rings Legos! I would LOVE to be able to play with all the Legos! I liked your post too!