Snow is for the Birds

It’s been rather cold and snowy here for {too long} about 3 weeks. The kids loved it at first. We’ve never seen deep snow before! It was light and fluffy and they sank into it. Now, it’s icy and crunchy and not so fun anymore.

snow babies

Alex begs to be bundled up so he can go play in the snow for about 5 minutes, then he’s crying to come inside. I don’t blame him!

snow boy

Tori loves the snow. She loves playing outside in all weather.

snow baby

Measuring the snow and studying shadows like a sundial.


Pretending the snow is like quicksand. I sure wasn’t coming out to save them!

Kiwi Crate Family Brands >>

playing in the snow

My husband loves me enough to bring the bird feeders to the back door for me to fill them without having to actually go outside.


Read about our winter nature walk that I’m glad we worked on before the snow storms! We have some fun scientific snow studies to work out later this week. We also looked really hard and studied winter colors through the window.

Check out our winter Pinterest board!




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