Music Study with Doctor Who

I thought it would be fun to do a Music Study with Doctor Who. The kids certainly agreed so we set to researching together.

Music of Doctor Who collage

50 years of great music. 11 (or 12) doctors representing decades (or millions of years) of history.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Check out this performance, complete with video clips. LOVE!

I also love this series of shorts about the original composers of sci-fi music: The Alchemists of Sound – about Radiophonic Workshop – The history of science fiction program music! So full of win.

List of all music featured in Doctor Who episodes=awesome.

Study with Your Doctor:

1st Doctor: The Beatles – get a CD on Amazon or download it on iTunes (seriously, everyone should have some in their collection)

2nd Doctor: Bartók – Amazon CD or iTunes album

3rd Doctor:

4th Doctor:

5th Doctor: ’20s music – Learn how to dance the Charleston!

6th Doctor: Fun ’60s music and beach tunes

  • The Beach Boys – Amazon or iTunes
  • Elvis Presley – Amazon or iTunes
  • Jimi Hendrix – Amazon or iTunes

7th Doctor:

8th Doctor: Puccini – Amazon or iTunes

9th Doctor:

10th Doctor: Program music by British composer Murray GoldAmazon or iTunes

11th Doctor: Such a fun way to study the greatness of classic bands and artists:

For the ultimate Doctor Who music fan:

Notebooking options – some free and some not:

AND…Look what I made for you!

Doctor Who Music Notebooking Pages – with a T.A.R.D.I.S.! FREE. Click to download. You’re welcome.

Doctor Who Music Notebooking Pages

So, like the good homeschool mama I am, I asked my kids the other day: what do you want to be when you grow up?


The Doctor’s Companions.

For the win.

Check out my other cross-curricular unit study here.

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    It would be fun to also listen to the theme and incidental music from the show (which changes from Doctor to Doctor) with older kids and talk about how the composers use it to illicit mood and so on…I’ve actually been thinking about doing some sort of composer study with my teen linked to music from films. You have me thinkin’. ;)

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    Buttercup has just become a huge Dr. Who fan this year. I’m thinking of integrating it with history studies. Introduce the time period with the episodes, and then explain the reality of the situation. She’s watching all the seasons free on Amazon Prime–even the old ones.

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    This. is. AWESOOOME!!!! I love love love everything about all of this. Such a great idea!! LOVE the pics…fantastic costumes…I could go on all day!

    Thanks for linking this up at the Geeky Educational Link Up!

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    I would have to agree that this is a win! Thank you so much for linking up at the Geeky Educational Link Up. I may just have to have some Whovian Musical fun with the kiddos now. =)