If I Were an Insect

If I were an insect, I would be an inchworm.

If I were an inchworm, dadadadadadadum (Fiddler on the Roof).

If I Were an Inchworm

First, because they are so cute! I remember that back in Texas, I once had two inchworms inching up my legs. They tickled and they were lime green.

I also want to be an inchworm because they mutate into beautiful moths (that occasionally destroy Japan with singing twins). Moths have antennae that are like fuzzy ferns (so cute). Unlike butterflies (which don’t destroy Japan), moths usually come out at night.

Anyway, back to inchworms. They can camouflage! They are usually brown, like twigs, or light green, like leaves. They get their names not from their size, but from the way they inch across surfaces, squish-stretch. They also have a secret weapon: they can rise up like cobras, to make themselves look all big and mighty to scare off predators, like spiders.

I love inchworms!! I passionately dislike their cousins, the glowworms. Look ‘em up. TERRIFYING! Back to inchworms again, all that tough mightiness wrapped up in a little bundle of cuteness! They are the cutest insects God made.

And check out this funfunfun insect poetry book:


    • Elizabeth Lambert says

      Thanks! I really enjoyed this topic! I am sorry I missed last week’s topic, I was not having the greatest of weeks.

    • Elizabeth Lambert says

      We watched a nature video about glow worms a few month ago and they are , like , the SCARIEST things on earth!! But I do like fireflies! I have to go read everyone’s posts lol. I am so behind!

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