I’ve been blogging since about 2005, when there were free little scrapbooky online journals. Those posts are long gone. This site began on Blogger and I migrated to WordPress in 2012.

headshot from Allume Having an M.Ed. in secondary English education never prepared me to be a homeschool mom of three princesses and one little prince.

I was a teacher for almost ten years. I taught English/language arts in grades 6 through college level. I earned a gifted education endorsement and taught ESL, regular ed, and gifted ed students. I still keep in touch with many of my students. I love them. I am so proud of their accomplishments. I am especially fond of the ones who became teachers!

I’m married to an Air Force lab officer and we’re excited to live all over the world and soak up history and culture while he serves our country.

My children come first, before the blog, before any work opportunities. They are my priority. They teach me lessons every day.

I enjoy writing about curriculum and product reviews that suit our interests and biblical worldview.

Mission: To be a community catalyst for brands and Christians, military, homeschoolers, health seekers.

I’m a homeschool consultant, writer, speaker, and wholesale member of Young Living essential oils.

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My personal blog is Jennifer Lambert where I write about natural health, essential oils, and marketing.

10 Things About Me:

1. I’m an only child.

2. I lived in the same house for my first 16 years.

3. I am proud of my parents for staying together.

4. I’m an Army brat, but my dad was Reserve and GS (which is why we didn’t move around).

5. I’ve made some big mistakes. Read about them here and here. I believe I am forgiven.

6. I only have a Southern accent when I’m really tired.

7. My first car was a yellow ’74 VW Bug. I still miss it.

8. I began college classes during my senior year of high school and never took any summers off. I began my teaching job right away after my master’s graduation.

9. I had my children’s names picked out since I was a preschooler.

10. I did not grow up in church or with any religious education.