S is for SHIELD

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I’m joining up with some of my geeky friends in an ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings blog roundup. S is for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The acronym originally was Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law enforcement Division. It was changed in 1991 to Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate. Some agents refer to the acronym as … [Read More...]

5 Tools for Vocabulary Building

Building a Better Vocabulary

Having a high schooler means that I have to get real intentional about vocabulary building. It’s a lot of newness with grades and schedules, and teaching her to budget her time well. We have to make lists and check off the assignments and stay on task. We’re not used to having to be so diligent keeping track and recording. I am blessed to have four children who love … [Read More...]


I try to be proactive with our health.

Self-Care in Winter

Here is how I take care of myself during these winter doldrums that try to take over. I try to be proactive with our health. Here are 5 ways to get proactive about … [Read More...]

No matter what your goals might be, here is an action plan to keep those resolutions through to completion.

Setting and Keeping Goals

With the new year, come all these resolutions that seem almost impossible to keep for more than a week or month or so. It’s overwhelming and frustrating. Like … [Read More...]


I fear for a society that thrives on medication and activity.

A Simple Life

It’s ok for kids to be bored. I fear for a society that thrives on medication and activity. I don’t feel that I have to fill every second of our days. I love that … [Read More...]

Showing Unconditional Love to My Children

Showing Love to My Children

How can I show my children I love them? How do they really know? How can I do more than a perfunctory kiss on the forehead and “I love you” before bed? How can I … [Read More...]

Frugal Living

Apologia Science Sale

Apologia Science Sale

Time to stock up on science! Visit the Apologia Science store at and save! It’s a perfect time to buy science curriculum for next year! We love Apologia science and we love the junior notebooks - and even my teen like the upper level … [Read More...]

Fun State Necklaces for your graduate!

State Necklaces Sale

Don’t miss Fashion Friday today! On 3/20/15, you can buy these custom state necklace for $11.95 & FREE SHIPPING w/ coupon code HOMESTATE. Fashion Friday- 3/20/15- State Necklaces- $11.95 & FREE SHIPPING, +20% Commission w/ code … [Read More...]


eMeals Teams Up With Health Magazine

Emeals brings you even more healthy, simple meal planning with their new partner, Health Magazine! Healthy recipes from HEALTH Magazine, delivered straight to you Take the guesswork out of cooking wholesome meals. Health magazine's new custom plan … [Read More...]

Recent Posts

Enrichment Studies Women Artists Sale

Women Artist Collection

Since so many men have been prominent in the world of art, it would be easy to believe that women did not play a role in the historical art world. Not so! We are delighted to be able to feature prominent women artists from the Renaissance forward in our … [Read More...]

Mom birthdays suck. As a mom, it’s hard to see time and money wasted on me.

Mom Birthdays Suck

Moms don’t get days off, even on birthdays. It’s just like any other day. I didn’t wake up to a breakfast laid in the dining room or presents and cards piled around my placemat. And that’s mostly ok. I didn’t even get to sleep in. I woke up to my son, … [Read More...]

Zoology for Kids Review

Zoology for Kids Review

I am thrilled to review Zoology for Kids: Understanding and Working with Animals, with 21 Activities by Josh and Bethanie Hestermann. My kids are animal lovers. Two of my kids constantly inform me that they want to grow up to be zoologists. I figure … [Read More...]